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Rest yourself in a world of natural beauty, nobility, vast amounts of fresh air, serenity and beauty. In a magical landscape listening to the whispers of the old forest makes your heart gentle.


  • Agia Kiriaki district
  • Agios Stefanos district
  • Town Hall
  • Agia Paraskevi square the 1000 years plane tree
  • Agios Taxiarches square the 800 years plane tree
  • The three benefectors of Tsagarada
  • The old arched bridge of Tsagarada
  • Fakistra Beach

It is a famous village due to its natural beauty. A village full of nobility, offers vast amounts of fresh air, serenity and beauty. It is divided in four districts, with different colour each: first the district of Agioi Taxiarches (the oldest district), and then the districts of Agia Paraskevi, Agios Stefanos, and Agia Kyriaki.


Nowhere else can you be so much part of the nature neighbouring with sand, sea, lush mountains, running creeks, gentle slopes, snow top mountain peaks, panoramic views, blue sky, colourful flora and magnificent ancient groves and trees. The village is utterly integrated in the natural environment, with houses built between the chestnut trees.

At the beautiful arched bridge of Tsagarada the landscape is magical, and it is worth to spend a lot of time just sitting at the wooden kiosk by the bridge, listening to the whispers of the old forest.

History and Culture

Tsagarada’s first traces in history date back to 1600 AD. It was initially a seaside village, located at the region of Palaiokastro (old castle), next to the beach of Fakistra. Perhaps in this area, close to the sea, where the castle ruins of the Byzantine era survive, there might have been earlier the first village that had the same name. However, given that it was the era of massive attacks from pirates, the village “moved” higher up in the mountain, where it is located until today.

For the origin of the name ‘Tsagarada’ there are two versions. The first is that in this area there used to be many flocks (tsagkadia), and the second is that Tsagarada in Slavic means beautiful location (or a nice view). Tradition also has it that the first name of Tsagarada was kastanea (=chestnut). The village has magnificent mansions, some built in the known Pelion architecture and others built hundred years ago in different styles by the migrated locals.


Admire the traditional mansions, great examples of Pelion architecture, and the thousand of years old  plane trees at the Agia Paraskevi square, in Agios Taxiarches square the plane tree of eight hundred years old. Tsagarada’s beach, Damouchari, is famous from the musical Mamma Mia!

At the end of the Taxiarhes settlement, on the stone pathway which leads to Xurihti and Milies, the beautiful stone arched bridge of Tsagarada, spans the river valley of Mylopotamos. Probably built in 1787 AD by famous craftsmen of Zoupani, it is the oldest surviving bridge of Pelion.

Choosing to walk either through the paths or the roads towards the sea, you will find the beach of Fakistra with the crystal clear waters, next to the cave of the so called “secret school” (“kryfo scholio”) and Mylopotamos, which is the most famous beach of Pelion.

Special Experience

The dense vegetation extending from the coastline to the top of the mountain, the hospitality and the traditional food, the famous beautiful beaches makes you exceptionally sensitive to the experience.

Some of the paths or roads down the slopes will eventually lead you to the lovely and completely unspoilt graphical and scenic beach of Fakistra, also known for its turquoise waters, or to Mylopotamos Beach, a sand-and-pebble beach hacked in the rock.

A visit to these beaches will be an opportunity for refreshment in the clean waters of the sea and relaxation in stunning natural surroundings, indeed an unforgettable experience that can be enhanced by feasting on seafood and other local delicacies served in the nearby taverns.

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