Healing Through Nature

See ruined docks, monasteries, isolated beaches and deserted villages. Cross streams, walk on old stone arched bridges in beautiful old forests, with amazing views of untouched land. Climb on rocky plateaus and admire caves at the rocky coast, where a considerable part of Xerxes` fleet sank in 480 B.C. during the Persian invasion to Greece.

Puri is the perfect place to become one with nature. Literally hidden in an idyllic natural environment of chestnut trees, apple trees and flowing waters.


Crossing a mythical forest of chestnut and passing the green ravine that separates it from Zagora, you discover Pourri, the last village of the East Pelion road. Although it is perhaps not as famous as other villages of Pelion, it does not lag behind in anything as it is characterized by breathtaking natural beauty, preserves the architectural style with the stone houses and has a wealth of attractions that travelers can visit.

History and Culture

The occupation of the inhabitants with the sea, working as sailors in others’ ships, resulted in the relative development of the village, and some of them managed to acquire their own vessels, becoming the privileged of the village. They build the stone bridges in the gullies of Poros and Lagonika, and for the construction of paths mainly for the transportation of products. All these constructions were so well-made that most of them survive until today.


In the three-story square, positioned  above the triforium basilica of St. Demetrius (1743 AD) with imposing bell tower, you relish the panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the coast of Chorefto village.

In the village there is a laboratory that manufactures handmade products ceramic, wood made, jewels and metal.

You can visit the ruins of the ghost village Migela (Mitzela) and also the old impressive caves at the ancient city of “Ipnon”.  The village was destroyed by the Turkish Ottoman army in 1828 during the Greek revolution, it lays abandoned ever since.

Special Experience

The route Zagora – Purri is gorgeous in Pelion and some instant passes from the torrent  Summer, where at the highest place of “Large-rock”, in winter, the largest waterfall of Pelion is formed and is visible from certain road signs.

The path to the left, for Ovrios is breathtaking, in rough dirt road, that passes from the ghost village of Old Mitzela and the stream of Lagonika. Here is the largest source of Pelion and two beautiful stone arched bridges, Poros and Diakoumi and continuing, you reach the beautiful beach of Ovrios.

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Pelion Paradise, summer residence of the Olympian Gods

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