"Hidden in the Forest

Experience the grandeur of this remote village buried amongst the wild and domestic flora of a breathtaking landscape, the isolated ravine with the two cascading streams it’s remarkable church surrounded by a magnificent flag-stoned square with wonderful sea- views.


  • Agia Marina Church
  • The Ecclesiastical Museum
  • Spectacular beaches
  • Cobbled stone paths "kalderimi"
  • The “Large-Rock” waterfall
  • Agios Ioannis
  • Damouchari
  • Winter sports
  • The hideout of the Society of Friends
  • Agia Marina festival (20/9)

Kissos is a small beautiful and picturesque village, surrounded by dense vegetation, beech, chestnut, walnut and fir trees that in some points make it even hardly visible. Well hidden in the forest is among the highest villages of eastern Pelion wit panoramic views of the villages of Mouresi, Agios Dimitrios, St. John and the Aegean.


It is a place where nature flourishes, and where the mountain and sea blend together perfectly to create a unique and inspiring setting and an ideal base from which to sight-see, visit spectacular beaches, old mountain villages, or do some walking on the numerous mule paths (cobbled stone paths, kalderimi) around and about.

On the main road leading from Kissos in Mouresi, you can make a stop at the “Large-Rock” (Mega Rema), to admire a small but spectacular waterfall, where two cascading streams form natural pools in whose ice-cold waters nereids and nymphs have bathed since the dawn of time.

In the summer months you can escape the higher temperatures of the sea-side resorts and you can swim in the beaches of Agios Ioannis and Damouchari with Mediterranean mild temperatures. In winter you have the facility of the winter sports close by – meanwhile having a cozy and comfortable base in the mountains to play in the snow, enjoy log-fires, roast chestnuts and experience each unique season in Pelion.

History and Culture

In a small house, at the square taught  Rigas Pheraios (Rigas Velestinlis) (1775 AD) in  the underground school during the Turkish occupation. This Hellenized Vlach from Thessaly, began to dream of and actively plan for an armed revolt against the Turks.

In the monastery of Agios Efstathios was according to tradition the hideout of the Society of Friends. This was a secret 19th-century organization whose purpose was to overthrow the Ottoman rule of Greece and establish an independent Greek state.


One of the most famous churches is the three-aisled basilica church of Agia Marina, which was built in 1650 by craftsmen from Epirus. The church was built in 1650 under the Turkish occupation and has beautiful frescos depicting subjects from the new and old testament and it stands out for its unique architecture, the impressive bell tower and the fountain in the courtyard, the iconostasis carved from the lime tree and gold-plated with designs of animals and plants, which present probably the Ark of Noah. It is reputed to have taken 60 years to complete. The church’s celebration of its name day is on the 17th July. One of the chapels houses the Ecclesiastical Museum.

Special Experience

Festivals are on 21/5 Ag. Constantine and Helen, 17/7 Ag. Marina and 20/9, Ag. Efstathios (1762 AD). Everyone is welcome to join in the festivities with traditional Greek music and dancing.

Most of the houses and the eating establishments, coffee shops are near to the decorative church of Agia Marina.

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