Damouchari village

The unique picturesque settlement

The wild beauty of the scenery, in connection with the thoroughly preserved style of the past and the traditional Venetian settlement defines Damouchari as a place with a historical atmosphere and the nostalgic feeling of the past.


  • The medieval Venetian castle
  • Saint Nicholas chrch (1800 AD)
  • The Turkish customs building
  • The famous movie Mamma Mia, starring Meryl Streep
  • The “kagkiolia” cobbled stone path

Damouchari is a natural harbour, a unique aspect of the Aegean coast of Pelion (Pílion). The site dates from the Middle Ages, witnessing the ruins of an ancient settlement and the Byzantine castle.

According to a Venetian legend, the name Damouchari of the Greek phrase “dós mou hári”, which means “give me grace” means and is derived from the prayers of the fishermen when they were at risk.

It is a panoramic, picturesque and peaceful village with olive groves up to the sea with two beaches and has the scenic character to maintain. Calmness, tranquillity and being close to nature are what Damouchari is all about.

The north gulf is a small natural port with taverns and houses. The south one has a beautiful beach covered with white pebbles and with crystal clear waters, which along with the adjacent gorge, offer to Damouchari a wild beauty.

The village is not developed at all, apart from a few new houses, a few taverns and guesthouses. That is why it radiates charm and a strong sense of nostalgia. Its wild beauty gives you the sense of being somewhere exotic.

The two cobbled stone paths (kalderimia), used till recent years for the transfer of goods with donkeys. One starts from the small canyon at the end of the beach bringing you to Tsagarada through a very scenic route. The other leads to the neighbouring beach of Papa Nero.

See and do

The ruins of a the Venetian castle. Founders of the village were some Venetian sailors during the Venetian domination of the Mediterranean who used Damouchari as a refuelling and resting station for long journeys. They were the ones that built the castle for protection against pirates.

The ramshackle stone building of the Turkish customs and some old warehouses.

The Agios Nikolaos church beautiful wall paintings from around 1800 AD can be admired.

The harbour and streets of the Mama Mia film. You will recognize the scenes from the dock when Meryl Streep’s friends arrive. Plus any other time the cast is down by the water.


The duo Damouchari – Dimitris Karaiskos and Rainer Scheppelmann – exists for 13 years and plays in summer in taverns in Damouchari and surroundings.

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