Ano Lechonia

A unique and unforgettable experience.

Definitely a great trip back in time. Very unique experience in a charming and authentic setting hard to find in the modern world. You see the “haunted mansion”, scenic beaches, neoclassical mansions, the mid-19th century train and stations. Lifetime experiences. Worthwhile to visit.


  • The little train of Pelion (1845)
  • The old train stations
  • The ceramic pottery museum.
  • The ruins of Methoni ancient city’s acropolis
  • “The haunted mansion”.
  • The little settlement of Old Castle

The village is called Ano Lechonia, Kato Lechonia is the seaport. Lechonia is close to Agria village laying on a fertile flourishing region. Full of floricultures and fruit trees. It is an unforgettable experience walking the route up to the sea to the scenic beaches of Platanidia, Chatzivageli and Karnagio to swim and sit in the beach bars and taverns.


From Ano Lechonia starts the road passing through the villages Saint Vlasios, Saint George Pinakates, Vyzitsa and Mileai (Milies). An exquisite route with unique views over the Pagasetic gulf and the villages. Cross the majestic stream of Koufala and visiting the church of Agios Nikolaos, restored in 1879. On this road, a little further up from Ano Lechonia, is the little settlement of Old Castle (Palaiokastro) with few houses, a small square and paths that create scenes from the past. It is begging to be found!

In Kato Lechonia, relish in long walks along the beautiful beach to the the Saint Minas settlement as well as visit the church of Saint George (1917). In close distance, is the “Chatzivagelli coast” a scenic beach, taking pleasure of seafood by the sea.

Follow the path Kato Lechonia-Karnagio alongside the riverbed of Vrichonas ending at the famous beach of Karnagio. Continuing your coastal walks you reach the famous sea settlement of Platanidia. This is a summer favourite destination with lovely clean beaches, taverns and the ruins of old Christian temples. An ideal place for resting and swimming in the settlement’s beach or in the beach of Saint Minas.

History and Culture

The village build date is somewhere in the 13th century. Historians note that the name is not Greek but comes from the Slavic word Lech meaning “lowland”. This is supported by the place where Lechonia is build, a valley. A different version claims Lechonia is named after  the city of Methoni, during time turning into Lechoni and Lechonia. Today many believe it comes from the word “new mother” (Greek: lechona) and the meaning behind it is that the village provides for the inhabitants goods from the land, like a new mother nurtures her child.

Quite an experience, is the ceramic pottery museum of the Anetopoulos family one kilometer outside Ano Lehonia, on the way to Kala Nera. The family practices the old Greek pottery tradition of the ancient Greeks. Greek pottery is important both for the intrinsic beauty forms and decoration and for the light it sheds on the development of Greek illustrative art. There are three halls in the museum where you will have the chance to see pottery molds, items from the family workshop as well as some folk pottery from all over Greece. Important periodical exhibitions are hosted in the museum.

Classes are organized for enthusiasts including a tour of the museum and the backyard, with olive trees of 700 years old. In the backyard, in an open-air amphitheatre, one takes lessons, the weather permitting. What you make you can take with you back home.

Access to the museum is free. You can look around in the shop with all kinds of beautiful ceramic works of art, and who knows there is something to take with you as a souvenir!

: +30 24280 93042


Many fascinating sights are in and around the village. The old neoclassic houses (1900), the two imposing towers dating back in the Ottoman rule time, the old Koskolis silk mills, the old olive press, the train station of the little train of Pelion. Close to the station the beautiful fountain (1906) impresses visitors with the lion head and inscriptions. On the hill of Nevestiki, just outside Ano Lechonia, are the ruins of Methoni ancient city’s acropolis. In Kato (Lower) Lechonia, you see the concrete Vrichonas Bridge, the first concrete bridge in Greece.

Special Experience

Ano Lechonia is widely known to the fans of the paranormal Here is the Kontou mansion, known as “The haunted  mansion”. The wealthy family Kontos built the mansion in 1900.  A tragedy occurred when the sons of the family died on the same day from intoxication probably from a reptile falling into their milk. The mourning family left the mansion. Since then, many unfortunate events took place making many to believe the place was haunted. Today in the old Volos cemetery is the family enormous tomb, along with legend of the intoxicating reptile. It is a thrilling experience!

If you happen to be in the village in the beginning of July, do not miss taking part in “The Lechonitika”, a series of cultural events with lots of music and dancing.


You can access Ano Lechonia by car (or bus) from the centrum of Volos, Griekenland, in Iasonos Street (Odos) or Agria.

By Bus: Volos – Agria – Ano Lechonia: No5 (Finish Lechonia – Platanidia)

By Car: Agria to Ano Lechonia: Take Eparchiaki Odos (EO: Provincial Road) Volou Neochoriou  8 min. (4.5 km)

The best way to explore the area is to have your own car and is worth to visit places that are not accessible by the local public transport and tours.

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