Hidden by the sun

Between the mountain tops, strung out along the hillside surrounded by rich fruit trees, lies little Anilio, a village most in shadow. The aroma of flowers such as Gardenias, Camellias and Hortensia’s, the beautiful waterfall at the entrance, the wonderful view of the neighboring Makrirrachi and the beauty of the deep blue waters of the beaches in the distance make you experience the natural beauty and magic that can be found here.


  • The Anilio Centre community of the Kalikalos network.
  • House of the Centaurus.
  • The Women Agricultural Association of Anilio.
  • Dance, yoga and tai chi by the House of the Centaurus.
  • The king of the Carnival festival

Anilio is built, – along the hillside – and its 465 inhabitants are in shadow for half the year, the reason behind the name “Anilio” meaning sunless. It belongs to the Municipality of Mouresi and is characterized by its abundant vegetation available during spring and summer months. The villagers grow flowers such as Gardenias, Camellias and Hortensia’s for the purpose of selling. The chestnuts and hazelnuts that grow in the forest are also used for trade.


There are a wealth of apple, chestnut, walnut and other fruit trees among the rich vegetation of the village, offering refreshing breaths of pure oxygen to visitors while among the attractions of the village is the magic waterfall at the entrance and the wonderful view of the neighbouring Makrirachi. Due to its location the visitor has the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the deep blue waters of the beaches enough just to make the decision to explore and learn about their characteristics.

History and Culture

Little of its history is known. The first settlers are said to come from Metsovo, migrating to Pelion during the Ottoman period. In the past the village area was bigger taking up part of the neighbouring villages of Makrirachi and Kissos.

According to the local tradition, on its outskirts lays the ancient city of Achillion, whose founder was the Homeric Achilles.

According to the legends, when the Mount Pelion was “entirety covered in leafs”, was one big dense forest, it was populated by the paradox mythical creatures, the Centaurs. These wandered around and the young men apprenticed by the wise chief Centaur Chiron.

centaur (/ˈsɛntɔːr/; Greek: Κένταυρος, Kéntavros, Latin: Centaurus), or  occasionally

Hippo-centaur, is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse.

Centaurs subsequently featured in, and were familiar figures in the medieval fantasy. They remain a staple of modern fantastic Roman mythology literature. The centaur’s half-human, half-horse composition has led many writers to treat them as liminal beings, caught between two natures, embodied in contrasted myths, both as the embodiment of untamed nature, as in their battle with the Lapiths (their kin), or conversely as teachers, like Chiron.


The small and picturesque square of Anilio, has distinctive steps that resemble a grandstand. There you will find the church of Agios Athanasios, a very significant religious monument. It is a 18th century basilica with a remarkable wooden, baroque type iconostasis and an impressive despotic throne.

In the annual celebration of Agios Athanasios a festival is organized with music and dancing, offering the visitor a unique experience. If you can, visit the chapel of AgiaTriada (Holy Trinity) that has many impressive frescos and icons. Also on the shores of the village between the beaches of Plaka and Banikas is the chapel of Panagias Faneromenis (Virgin Mary).

The Prophet Elias chapel located just above the elementary school of Anilio can only be discovered with a walk in the countryside. Surrounded by chestnut trees it looks like a protection site. The old building was renovated around 1900AD by the residents. Celebrated on July 20.

“Men speak also about the cave of the centaur. “Not the large one in the foothills of Pelion, this is not as tall. Or to that of between the two peaks of Pelion. Go to it in Anilio in East Pelion, you should go down to the bottom. But the cave is locked. You have to get the key from the museum in Anakasia. You need to find the padlock man, the one who holds the key of the cave.”

Special Experience

Watching the beautiful waterfall and its stunningly formed crystalline structures, at the entrance of the village, and the wonderful view you feel the True Power of Water and hear its Hidden Messages in silence. The face of the divine is recognised everywhere here.

Plenty of cultural events and festivals are held within the year in the village, with many tourists and people from neighbouring villages, participating. The most significant, is the celebration held in the main square on the last Sunday of the Carnival, which involves burning the figure of Karnavalos (The king of the Carnival) and releasing hot air balloons.

They are also several monasteries built here such as:

  • The Virgin Mary
  • Agios Charalampos
  • The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
  • The Trinity

They are very old and almost ruined, but kept up to date because they have been renovated several times. Colonisation begins with the Turkish occupation, when many people, from Epirus and islanders, especially fugitives, escaped persecution to the mount Pelion. Thanks to the physical makeup, the mountain offered a unique shelter for the persecuted not only by the Turkish conqueror, but also from the terrible Algerian pirates who raided the Aegean coast.

And of course do not leave the village without buying a local dessert, drink or jam such as the ones made by the famous local women association “Aniliotika”.

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From the centrum of Volos, Griekenland, in Iasonos Street (Odos) the duration is 1u. 9 min. (39,9km).

  • Take Eparchiaki Odos (EO: Provincial Road) Volou Portarias, Provincial Road Portarias Zagoras and Provincial Road Kissou to Provincial Road Kissou naar Anilio: 1 u. 5 min. (38,0 km)
  • Drive to the Provincial Road . Aniliou, 4 min. (1,9 km)
  • Arrive at Anilio Piliou

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