It is a coastal town, on the northeast coast of the Pagasetic Gulf, with great tourist appeal since, apart from natural beauty, fertile soil and a beautiful long beach, it is the one of two closest Pelion villages to Volos, since it is only 10min (at a distance of 8 kilometers) away from it. This is one reason why many Volos residents choose it for short excursions and summer vacations.

In summer the main road along the beach of Agria is closed off and thus becomes a cosy enclosed promenade. This has also made the town of Agria into a favourite holiday destination for families with small children. There are also a number of bars and clubs that provide some night life here. Most of them you will find around the old port of the town.

Agria is characterized by a vivid life during the winter and the summer. In the summer months it becomes a popular tourist destination. In the weekends the small town attracts many residents from Volos who come there to relax and eat out at one of the many seafood restaurants that adorn the village during the year.


The large beach at Agria and at nearby Soutrali beach are good for swimming. If you follow the coastal road to the South, you will arrive in 1km to the beach Soutrali, which is a bit far from the central road, but offers by many options of catering for every taste. Nevertheless, the majority of cafés, bars and taverns are located in the old port, where the nightlife of Volos takes place too.

You can also walk through hundreds of years olive trees by walking the trail Volos-Anemoutsa-Agria. This is a walk mainly on earth road with sections of path, passing from some interesting spots. cross an olive grove, pass on the left side of the stream, a cypress tree and a shrine (attention), the chapel of  Taksiarches, enjoy panoramic view of the cement factory (one of the biggest in Europe) and go through the cement factory`s old quarry, see the ruins of an ancient city on the hill Goritsa, built at 4th century BC, that was abandoned a few decades later and even its name still remains unknown, see the chapel of Panagia on the top and continue through the pinewood forest to the outskirts of Volos.

History and Culture

There are some different opinions about the town’s name. Some believe that the name comes from wild olive trees (Agrielies), or a small plant named “Agriada” (Greek: Αγριάδα). A scholar named Patroklos Palamidas from the nearby village of Lechonia said that the name originated from an ancient temple, which existed in the region and was dedicated to Agrea Dimitra.


The chapels of, Panaghia Tripa, the Church of the Life Giving Fountain, the old railway station and the Epsa museum.

Panaghia (Panagia) Tripa of Goritsa
The Church of Nativity of the Virgin (Panagia Goritsa Hole) is dedicated to the birthday of Mary. This church is in a cave at the foot of Goritsa and is one of the city’s most picturesque. It was established in 1892 and a larger church was built in 1950 in front of the cavern.

Next opposite you see the Hill of Goritsa. A small natural hill known as the promenade and the Church of the Life Giving Fountain, at the top. The present church took the place of an older Christian church 18th century, and there is evidence for the existence in the same ancient sacred.

Attention next focused on extending railway communication eastwards from Volos into the difficult country around Mount Pelion. The Thessaly company adopted the 600mm gauge for this stretch which started by running through the main streets of Volos and continued along the twisting coastline, still in or alongside the road, as far as Agria before veering inland. Known as the little train of Pelion stopped in Agria after departing from Volos. There you can still admire the beautiful old station building with the platform and the place where travelers were waiting for its arrival.

In Agria, there are also the headquarters of the historical factory of refreshments, “EPSA”, where you can visit its small but wonderful museum. The 90 years factory is worth visiting because it was build according to traditional Pelion architecture. The visitors will learn the history of the factory and of course they will drink EPSA lemonade!

The tour includes a presentation of the history of the company and the beverages glass bottle, a stop at the production department as well as a presentation of all EPSA products. At the museum you will see the 5 awards won by the company, a large collection of EPSA glass bottles and of other older brands as well as the printed advertisements of the company from 1950 up to today.

Special Experience

At the end of July exhibitions of popular art and local dances take place. Also in the middle of summer when there is a new moon there is a celebration in honour of the fishermen (psaradiki vradia) where fresh kakavia (traditional fish soup) is served.

The hill of Goritsa was inhabited in the mid-4th  century AD. A big fortified city was built there. However, the city wall, as survives today, should be completed during the reign of Cassandra (between 316 and 298 AD). Outside the city walls are both big cemeteries, the western and eastern. Near the eastern gate, outside the firewall, is a small natural cave. Within its walls is the inscription “Dios Meilichiog”, which leads to the conclusion that the region worshiped Zeus. The quarries of 4th  century BC. preserved in 30 points of the hill.

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Visit a local farm

Browsing around local farms enables the visitors to understand even more the history of Magnesia and try fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the fields. Great experience for the whole family. You can participate in the harvest, visiting traditional livestock, medicines acquaintance with rural tourism or visiting a winery and introduction to the Thessalian wines.

Sailboats travel

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Extreme sports

Here the challenge meets adrenaline, with a choice of water sports like windsurfing, the catamaran and kayaking.

Sea Sports

The adrenaline lovers can choose to do water skiing in the clear blue waters of Pagasitikos. The skiing is one of the most popular sports, combining the water element of speed. Enjoy!

Private boat tours

There is no more exciting experience than browsing a boat along the coast of the region of Pagasitikos and on the islands of Sporades. Blue waters, secluded beaches, peace and views on some of the most beautiful places in Greece, waiting for you to discover with friends (up to 8 people), your family or just your other half. All cruises are starting from Valis Resort and depend on weather conditions. Your skipper accompanies all excursions.


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Accommodation and culinary

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Agria has a lot of taverns and many “ouzeries” (ouzo taverns). Here are also many restaurants and taverns where you can sample the specialties of Pelion and delicious fish dishes.

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From the centrum of Volos, Griekenland, duration is 33 min. (15,7 km)

  • via EO34 towards (Ano) Lechonia, Platanidia.

If you do not have own transport you can take the number 5 bus to Agria from Volos, from 5; 00 in the morning to 22; 30 in the evening 7.

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