Agios Ioannis village

Charming and popular

Touched on either side by the unique natural beauty of the beaches called - Plaka and Papa-Nero, Agios loannis constitutes a centre of attraction for many visitors.


  • Sand and pebble beach
  • Cycle rental
  • Shops
  • Mini Markets
  • Traditional Hotels
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Variable Hotels
  • Green forested mountain.
  • Papa Nero beach
  • Plaka beach
  • Kissos Village
  • Damouchari Village
  • Agios Dimitrios village

Best season to visit:

May - September

Altitude: 0-50m m

Distance to Thessaloniki airport: 283 km km

Distance to Athens airport: 391 km km

Distance to Volos airport: 75 km km

Accessible by: Bus, Car

Agios Ioannis (St. John) is a picturesque village with a long beautiful beach. A sandy beach covered with white pebbles that resemble pearls and organized with beach bars, umbrellas and sunbeds, while it features a choice of water sports. It is a top summer destination for couples and active family holiday. Its great appeal comes from the marvellous blue flag beach and the existence of admirable tourism facilities and traditional food. At the boulevard you can walk, visit the souvenir shops, sit in one of the numerous taverns, restaurants and coffee bars, laugh and have fun.


Agios loannis sits in the middle of three striking beaches. Flanked by the almost Indian Ocean-like beach of Plaka and the white pebbles and sand of Papa Nero.

On the north side there is a small harbour, and right next to it there is a nice path that starts from the harbour, passing the Plaka beach and ascending (above the beach bar) through a rural road, leading to Virgin Mary Manifested  round the rocky coast. At the south side there is an impressable metal arched bridge for pedestrians which takes you to the Papa Nero beach. With crystal water and lush greenery around, this is a gorgeous beach to relax.

The cobbled roads, the footpaths and the fountains made of stone, offer a fine opportunity for long walks inside the village as well as the forest.

The mountain villages of Zagora, Mouresi and Tsagarada are readily accessible and provide the opportunity to hike and to dine in an attractive village’s squares. The most famous hiking route is the Ai Giannis-Damouchari-Tsagarada route which starts at the end of the beach of Papa Nero at the south side. In this route you can visit:

  1. the beach of Damouchari, just beneath the ruins of the old medieval castle. Some scenes from the Hollywood film ”Mamma Mia!” starring Meryl Streep were shot here in 2006.
  2. the old customs building and two taverns.
  3. the wooden bridge across the Chalorema. Its name derived from (Chalorema=destroying stream), the stream has partially destroyed the cement path which we walk across to its other bank.
  4. the chapel-retreat of Krifo Scholio (Underground School during the Turkish occupation) in a cave close to the waves. A visit to this evocative place, which is ideal for quiet reflection, is thoroughly recommended.
  5. the beach at Fakistra with a spring water drinking fountain at its lower edge.
  6. the beautiful chestnut forest

Fakistra is an isolated beach, but at Damouchari and Ai Giannis we can find taverns and hotels.

History and Culture

Agios Ioannis forms part of the community of Agios Dimitrios Piliou in the municipality of Zagora-Mouresi.

Agios Dimitrios, with old customs and traditional old houses, huge mansions and chapels with old frescos and wood sculpted temples is located above Agios Ioannis.

The picturesque churches of Agios Georgios, Agios Dimitrios, Agios loannis Theologos, the Transfiguration of Christ and Virgin Mary Manifested are decorated with marvelous murals and woodcut iconostasis worth seeing. The Byzantine church of , the Transfiguration of Christ is the only church in Pelion having five domes.

Among the village’s attractions is the church of Analipsi (The Ascension) and the small monastery of Agios Ioannis, that also gave the name to the village. For celebrating the Saint, a fair is held every 24th of June, where the old tradition of “Klidonas” is revived. (Klidonas is an old folk divination according to which the unmarried girls get to learn the identity of their future spouse.)

During your stay at the coastal village, you might hear about the haunted wooden bridge of Rovoam. Rovoam, was a monk of the Agios Ioannis monastery that had lots of knowledge and wisdom. When he was asked what needed to be done in order to stabilize the bridge and connect the people with other regions of Pelion, he replied that a man will have to be buried inside. However, he was unlucky and he was picked and fraudulently was killed by the builders. So the monk gave the name to the bridge, was buried aside and when exhumed, his skull was kept as a sacred relic in the monastery, to remind everyone of the myth.


Damouchari Beach (Agios Ioannis)

The haunted wooden bridge of Rovoam (Agios Ioannis)

Agios Dimitrios village

Agia Marina church (Kissos)

Traditional Park Dimaki (Mouresi)

Special Experience

Spend time, on the vast beach upon which the village is built, with its white pebbles, the light coloured sand and the clear Aegean waters that have been awarded with the Blue flag. At the northern end of the beach, is a small harbour with boats, ranging from fishing boats to yachts. Whilst providing all the ingredients for a perfect beach holiday, there is much to do. You can rent a boat, enjoy a sea trip, a pedalo or a canoe and indulge yourself in activities such as Ocean Kayak, Boat Fishing, Boat Trips, Snorkelling, Mountain Bike, Horse riding, Hiking.

The many coffee places, taverns, activity and entertainment options,  will guarantee you special experience moments while plentiful traditional accommodation choices will ensure you the best ever vacation experience.

Accommodation and culinary

It’s not too late! Grab this opportunity and discover the five most traditional hotels, guest houses, restaurants and activities in Agios Ioannis!

You can search through our Pelion Hotel Database that contains the finest traditional hotel and accommodation listings in Pelion.

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From the centrum of Volos, Griekenland, in Iasonos Street (Odos) the duration is 1u. 15 min. (39,1km).

  • Take Eparchiaki Odos (EO: Provincial Road) Volou Portarias, Provincial Road Portarias Zagoras and Provincial Road Kissou to Provincial Road Agiou Dimitriou Agiou Ioanni-Agios Dimitrios: 1 u. 4 min. (37,3 km)
  • Drive to the Provincial Road Agiou Dimitriou-Agiou Ioanni, 11 min. (5,2 km)
  • Arrive at Agios Ioannis Piliou.

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