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Terms and conditions of using Pelion Paradise.


The General Travel Terms and Conditions apply to all offers, arrangements and all agreements between Istoria Travel Ltd. (and its trade mark ‘Pelion Paradise’) and you unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing by Istoria Travel Ltd. (and its trade mark ‘Pelion Paradise’) hereinafter Istoria Travel Ltd. By using the Website you are fully accepting the terms, conditions and disclaimers contained in this notice. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions you must immediately stop using the Website.



The content of Istoria Travel Ltd. website is composed with the greatest care. However it does not constitute advice and should not be relied upon in making or refraining from making, any decision.



Occasionally a change or remove (temporarily or permanently) the Website or any part of it without notice may be necessary. Istoria Travel Ltd. reserves the right to make these.

Change of these Terms and Conditions at any time, and you continue to use the Website following these change shall be deemed to be at your acceptance of such change.


  1. Istoria Travel Ltd. accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and current account card payment through iDeal. There is no charge or service fee for processing credit-card payments. Payment will be listed as Istoria Travel LTD. on the credit card statement.
  2. If additional costs are charged, these will be clearly stated in good time before the agreement is concluded. These costs will also be displayed separately in the booking contract.
  3. The Travel Agreement will be concluded at the moment the you accept the offer (booking contract) and pay a deposit of 20 % of the total sum within two working days. After the Travel Agreement is concluded, you will receive the confirmation invoice or ticket.
  4. The total sum must be paid by you at least 15 days before departure. In case the departure is within 15 days after booking, the total travel sum must be paid by you immediately after receiving the confirmation invoice or ticket.
  5. If you do not pay in time, the Travel Agreement will be deemed to have been cancelled directly after the before mentioned period has ended. All cancelations costs will then be deducted from the amounts already paid. The deposit of 20% of the total sum will not be refunded by Istoria Travel LTD.


  1.  As soon as Istoria Travel LTD.  has received the booking, will send you all relevant information about you trip, as quickly as possible.
  2. In principle, the confirmation will be sent by Istoria Travel LTD.  If you do not receive the reply within one business day, please call the office immediately. We will not be responsible if email, or letter fail to reach us.
  3. Trips require a minimum number of participants to avoid cancellation. Istoria Travel LTD. is entitled to terminate the or cancel a scheduled trip and fully refund affected customers, although we will make every effort to maintain the normal operation.
  4. Istoria Travel LTD.  advises you to inspect the confirmation invoice and/or ticket upon delivery and to report any errors within two working days in writing.
  5. If a booked service can no longer be offered, Istoria Travel LTD. is entitled to offer a service which is comparable in nature and quality to the booked service. In that case, you will have the right to dissolve the Travel Agreement without incurring any cost.


  1. In some cases we will supply you with personalized Istoria Travel LTD. tickets for tour events or services booked. You must provide the original, authentic Pelion Paradise ticket to the appropriate service provider in order to redeem your tour, ticket, or package. Your reservation cannot be honoured or redeemed without presenting a valid Pelion Paradise ticket.
  2. For security purposes, when redeeming your Istoria Travel LTD. Ticket you must present a valid Photo ID and sign the Istoria Travel LTD. This is for identification purposes and helps us to prevent fraud.
  3. In some cases Istoria Travel LTD. also requires that you present the credit card used to purchase your tour or ticket at the time of redemption. This generally applies only to attraction and show tickets. This helps us to prevent credit-card misuse. You will be advised at checkout whether or not you must present the credit card used for booking. In some cases Istoria Travel LTD. will waive this requirement, generally to facilitate gift purchases. However this requirement can only be waived by contacting Istoria Travel LTD. Customer Care team once your booking has been confirmed, and any changes or amendments will be made at Istoria Travel LTD. sole discretion.
  4. Please note that your Istoria Travel LTD. ticket(s) can be confiscated – and immediately cancelled without refund – if your signature and/or name do not match those shown on either your credit card or Gift Certificate.


  1. If the travel package, holiday, tour or individual travel services offered are included in a publication (including internet publication) of Istoria Travel LTD., the details stated in this form are part of the contract.
  2. Before confirmation invoice or ticket Istoria Travel LTD., reserves the right to increase or decrease brochure prices.
  3. Your confirmation invoice or ticket will show the latest route timings which will be confirmed with the despatch of these. Usually only minor changes are made to arrangements for which no compensation or refund is due. If major changes are made, as defined in the paragraph 6, Istoria Travel LTD. will advise you as soon as we are in the position to do so.
  4. In the case of air travel, the identity of the airline providing the transport will be notified to you as soon as it is known to Istoria Travel LTD. and no later than at the time the travel documents are made available. The departure and arrival times for transport components will be stated in the travel documents.
  5. A major change is one made before departure that involves:
    • ​- a difference of more than 12 hours in departure from the chosen departure place;
    • – a change of accommodation to a significant lower classification than booked.
    • – a change in your resort region;


  1. If Istoria Travel LTD. is unable to deliver the travel services within the agreed term, it will notify you accordingly. In that case you can decide either to agree to a new offer date or to dissolve the Travel Agreement without incurring any costs.
  2. If Istoria Travel LTD. cancels the original booking within 61 days of the scheduled departure, you will be free to accept the alternative holiday arrangements offered by Istoria Travel LTD., or cancel the holiday with us altogether and receive a full refund. You must notify Istoria Travel LTD. of your choice within 7 days of the offer of the alternative holiday’s arrangements. If you fail to do so, we will assume that you have chosen to accept the alternative holiday offered. Whichever option you choose, you will be entitled to compensation.


  1. Istoria Travel LTD. is authorised to engage third parties in the fulfilment of its obligations under the Travel Agreement.
  2. Istoria Travel LTD. Website may also include links to third party websites that are controlled and maintained by others. Any link to other websites is not an endorsement of such websites and you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the content or availability of any such sites.


  1.  Please be assured that the Istoria Travel LTD. will process the your personal details in accordance with the privacy statement published on the Website.
  2. Istoria Travel LTD. will only pass your information on to persons responsible for the travel arrangements. This applies to any sensitive information that you give to us such as details of any disability, or dietary/religious requirements. (If Istoria Travel LTD. cannot pass this information to the relevant suppliers, public authorities or credit checking companies, Istoria Travel LTD. will be unable to provide your booking. In making this booking, you consent to this information being passed on to the relevant persons.)


  1.  You are required to comply with all instructions issued by or on behalf of Istoria Travel LTD., and liable for damage or loss caused by your actions. This is to be evaluated according to the standard of the conduct of a well-behaved Traveller.
  2. If you cause or could cause any sort of hindrance to such an extent that a good fulfilment of a travel package, holiday or tour is or could be impeded you may be excluded from these by Istoria Travel LTD., if it cannot reasonably be expected of Istoria Travel LTD. that the Travel Agreement be complied with. The costs arising from this will be solely borne by you.
  3. You or any member of your party agree to accept the authority and decisions of the Travel Services Provider’s activity escorts, attendants, agents and our employees on safety requirements while on tour.
  4. If, in the opinion of the persons mentioned in paragraph 3, you or any member of your party’s health, level of fitness or conduct at any time before or during a travel package, holiday or tour is endangering or appears likely to endanger the health or wellbeing of you, any member of your party or any third party (including any other Travellers of the Istoria Travel LTD.) or the safe, comfortable or happy progress of the travel package, holiday, or tour, you may be excluded from all or part of the travel package, holiday or tour without refund or recompense.
  5. In addition, full payment for any damage or loss (reasonably estimated if not precisely known) caused by you or any member of your party must be made direct to the Travel Services Provider or to Istoria Travel LTD. as soon as possible. If the actual cost of the loss or damage exceeds the amount paid where estimated, you must pay the difference once known. If the actual cost is less than the amount paid, the difference will be refunded. You will be responsible for meeting any claims subsequently made against Istoria Travel LTD. and all costs incurred by us (including Istoria Travel LTD.’s and the other party’s full legal costs) as a result of your
  6. Where you are excluded, Istoria Travel LTD. will have no further responsibility towards you (including any return travel arrangements) and we will not meet any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the exclusion.
  7. No refund will be given for any unused services. You are required to avoid or limit any loss as much as possible.
  8. You must make certain the exact time of departure for the return journey no later than 24 hours before the stated time of departure.
  9. On the day of your Event, all participants will be required to arrive at the time stated on your booking confirmation. Late arrival without prior contact to the centre may result in your Event not taking place.
  10. In all activities technical equipment and materials will be required, provided by the activity escort.
  11. The clothing of the participants should be proportionate to the weather conditions prevailing on the day of activity.
  12. All participants should bring sneakers or hiking shoes, and a small backpack with light lunches and one (1) liter of water.


  1. The Website is provided on an as is and as available basis without any representation or endorsement made and without warranty of any kind whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy.
  2. To the extent permitted by law, Istoria Travel LTD. will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatever (including without limitation loss of business, opportunity, data, profits) arising out of or in connection with the use of the Website.
  3. Istoria Travel LTD. does not guarantee that the functionality of the Website will be uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected or that the Website or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or anything else which may be harmful or destructive.
  4. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed so as to exclude or limit the liability of Istoria Travel LTD. for death or personal injury as a result of the negligence of Istoria Travel LTD. or that of our employees.


  1. By accepting the Travel Agreement or printing the ticket you hereby waive Istoria Travel LTD. its managers and employees from any liability of injury, loss or damage to personal property associated with activities participated in the context of your trip. You acknowledge that you understand the content of this document. You are aware that it is legally binding and you sing it out it out of your own free will.
  2. Damage claims against the organiser or the assistants are excluded, if and insofar as the damage or loss is the result of an attributable failure to perform the Travel Agreement, on the part of Istoria Travel LTD..
  3. In this case the total liability of Istoria Travel LTD. in respect of the Traveller is limited to compensation not exceeding the three times the travel sum or price stipulated for that particular Agreement (including VAT).
  4. Istoria Travel LTD. will only be liable to you on account of an attributable failure in the performance of an agreement if you issue a proper notice of default to Istoria Travel LTD. without delay stipulating a reasonable period of time in which to remedy the failure, and Istoria Travel LTD. also continues to fail to perform its obligations after that period. The notice of default must contain a description of the failure in as much detail as possible to enable Istoria Travel LTD. to provide an adequate response.
  5. Any event giving right to compensation is always subject to the condition that the Traveller reports the damage or loss in writing to ‘‘Travel Agency’’ as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days after the damage or loss has arisen.
  6. Istoria Travel LTD. is authorized to have assistants or call on third parties (travel service providers) to provide valued services. Should Istoria Travel LTD. lawfully transfer the execution of the activity to a third party, Istoria Travel LTD. shall not be held responsible for the third party’s actions or neglect during execution of the activity. Istoria Travel LTD. will especially not be held responsible for damages which are caused by the actions or neglect of activity escort. Hotel owners, boat renting companies etc. should this conduct not fall under your contracted responsibility; as cause of actions of third parties, other participants, the participant (in accordance with point 1, DISCLAIMERS AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY).
  7. Should you or any member of your party suffer illness, personal injury or death through any misadventure during the holiday arising out of an activity which does not form part of the your holiday arrangements provided by Istoria Travel B.V, Istoria Travel B.V regrets it cannot accept any liability.
  8. In the event of adverse weather conditions or matters beyond our control, the Event or part of it may be cancelled, postponed or delayed. In this case, at our sole discretion, We may assist you to arrange an alternative Event, or We may give you a credit towards a future booking. We will not be liable for any travel or accommodation costs incurred by Participants in such circumstances.
  9. Istoria Travel LTD. is not liable if and inasmuch you have been able to recover your loss under any insurance policy of yours, including any travel and/or cancellation insurance policy. You are obliged to inform us immediately about any payment made by your (travel) insurer.


  1. Depending on the circumstances, the Istoria Travel LTD. is required to provide you with help and assistance if the travel package, tour or holiday does not proceed in accordance with the expectations which you could reasonably have on the grounds of the Travel Agreement. The costs arising from this shall be only be borne by Istoria Travel LTD. if the failure in the performance of the “Travel Agreement” is attributable to us.
  2. In the event that the cause is attributable to you, Istoria Travel LTD. is only required to provide help and assistance in as much as this can reasonably be expected of it. In such cases, the costs will be borne by you.
  3. In the event that the travel package, tour or holiday does not proceed in accordance with the expectations which you could reasonably have had as a result of circumstances which are attributable neither to you nor to Istoria Travel LTD., each of these will bear their own losses. For Istoria Travel LTD., these will consist, among other things, of extra staffing costs; for you these will consist, among other things, additional accommodation and activities costs.


  1. If you have any complaints in connection with aspects of Istoria Travel LTD. service, you can submit a complaint by telephone, by email or by post immediately when the complaint arises (for contact details you can look at the bottom of the General Terms and Conditions).
  2. The Istoria Travel LTD. will respond to the complaint as soon as possible, and in any case within 2 days after having received it. If it is not yet possible for Istoria Travel LTD. to formulate a substantive reaction to the complaint by that time, Istoria Travel LTD. will confirm receipt of the complaint within 2 days after having received it and give an indication of the term within which it expects to be able to give a substantive or definitive reaction to your complaint.
  3. While on holiday. If you have a cause for complaint while on holiday, you must bring it to the attention of the Tour/ Travel Services Provider at the place (if unescorted) and they will do their best to rectify the situation. It is unreasonable to take no action while on holiday, but then to write a letter of complaint upon return. If your complaint cannot be resolved on holiday you should notify the Istoria Travel LTD. in writing a letter of the complaint at the latest immediately upon return. Istoria Travel LTD. regrets that they cannot accept any liability in relation to any complaint or problem if you fail to notify the us strictly in accordance with this paragraph. If you have reason to complain and fail to make this known to the Tour Escort/ Travel Services Provider this may reduce your rights under this Travel Agreement.



You must provide all information regarding yourself and the persons for which you have made a booking which could be of importance in the conclusion or realisation of the contract in good time, before the Travel Agreement is entered into, with Istoria Travel LTD. This must in any event include your contact details, mobile telephone number(s) and email address(es).

You can ask Istoria Travel LTD. to change the travel offer for medical reasons and other reasons. Istoria Travel LTD. is not required to meet such a request, but if we do meet it, you must pay the (additional) costs associated with this change.

1. Insurance

It is important that you have insurance cover and that it is adequate for your needs. You are wholly responsible for arranging your insurance. Please check carefully to ensure that your insurance provides an equal or higher level of cover. No liability will be accepted for you, your personal property including baggage, medical expenses, injury, death, repatriation, cancellation and curtailment, travelling without adequate travel insurance.

Making your own arrangements should ensure that there are no exclusion clauses limiting or excluding protection for the type of activities included in your trip or holiday. You should satisfy yourself that all travel insurance purchased meets your own specific requirements.

2. Hotel Gradings

Standards can vary between hotels of the same class in different areas, and even in the same Region. Accommodation in all hotels, whatever the rating, is in standard rooms unless otherwise stated.

3. Single Rooms

Please note the type of single room allocated is usually decided upon arrival at the hotel. Single rooms where only one person sleeps may often be less well-appointed and small even though a supplement is payable.

On touring holidays single rooms cannot always be guaranteed. Supplements paid will be refunded if a single room previously confirmed was not available on arrival at the hotel.

4. Twin/ Double Rooms

The definition of twin and double rooms can vary from area to area and even in the same Region. A twin may be defined as 2 separate mattresses in a double frame. Unless stated by you that separate beds are necessary, Istoria Travel LTD. must advise that it has no control over the type of accommodation provided.

5. Health

You must inform Istoria Travel LTD. at the time of booking if you have a health problem or any special needs. If asked you must at your own expense provide the ‘Istoria Travel LTD. with such doctors’ letters or other documents. In the case of ill health while on tour or holiday, Istoria Travel LTD. may make such arrangements as it sees fit and recover the costs thereof from you.

6. Disability

Istoria Travel LTD. is happy to give you advice that will meet your requirements. Many destinations lack even the simplest facilities such as ramps for wheelchairs, lifts etc. Therefore in order to assist the Istoria Travel LTD. must at the time of booking be provided with full details in writing regarding the disability of you and any special requirements as a result of this.

7. Direct Flights

The flight routings used in connection with Istoria Travel LTD. holidays may be used on special fares, which do not necessarily take the most direct route. Some itineraries require a change of aircraft an route. A flight that is described as direct is one where there is no need to change aircraft during the journey. However stops may be made an route for re-fuelling or to let passengers on and/or off.

8. Schedules

Airlines reserve the right to re-schedule their service and we will inform you of this. If a major change is unacceptable it may be possible to obtain a refund, alternatively other option may be available which could be at additional cost to you.

Airlines are subject to air traffic control, weather conditions and the need for maintenance, there can be no guarantee that flights will depart or arrive at the times stipulated on the booking confirmation/ itinerary.

It may be possible to upgrade your flight. Prices are available on request

9. Weather

World weather is becoming more erratic and unpredictable and we cannot be held responsible for disruption to your holiday due to bad or unusual weather conditions.

10. Flight/Rail/Ferry Changes

Carriers occasionally may change the type of aircraft/train/ferry used on a particular journey without advanced warning. Minor timing changes may also occur, which you should check carefully when received.

11. Transport Carrier Types

Istoria Travel LTD. will not always quote aircraft, rail & ferry types on your confirmation invoice or ticket. Cancellation by you for a change of carrier or aircraft type will incur the usual cancellation charges.

12. Passport/Visas

You must be in possession of, a valid, acceptable passport and any visas and vaccination certificates required for the whole of your trip. Yourself is responsible for arranging, and obtaining the necessary additional information from the applicable authorities with regard to among others passports and visa obligations, and to ascertain in good time before departure whether or not the information previously obtained is still valid and/or has changed.

Istoria Travel LTD. regrets it cannot accept any liability if you are refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to failure on your part to carry all required documentation. If  failure to have any necessary travel or other documents results in fines, surcharges or other financial penalty for you accordingly.

Holders of passports, outside the European Union should check the requirements with the relevant embassy.

13. API

Advance Passenger Information is required by most airlines, information required is full names as shown in passport, passport number, issuer and expiry date.



We understand that your plans might change upon arrival at your destination, and that you may need to reschedule your trip or travel experience.

That’s OK!

Once your Istoria Travel LTD. booking is confirmed, you’ll print a ticket with complete reservation details, including the local telephone number.

You can call us directly with any last-minute questions or date-change requests. We’ll look after you, subject to availability of course! Don’t forget to mention you hold a confirmed booking ticket.

  1.  Some alterations made by you after a confirmed booking has been made will incur a charge of € 25.00 per person or more depending upon the nature of the change.
  2. Additional cancellation fees may be levied by the individual supplier/operator (see your Istoria Travel LTD. Ticket for specific details). When cancelling any booking you will be notified via email, or telephone of the total cancellation charges.
  3. Should you wish to cancel, cancellation charges will be imposed. These are calculated from the day the written notification is received by the Istoria Travel LTD. as a percentage of the total tour or holiday price per person cancelling, excluding any amendment charges. The cancellation charges shown below are those which will apply to most tours. However, some Travel Services Provider(s) have conditions which require the payment of higher or different charges (including the imposition of 100% cancellation charges) which Traveller will have to pay in the event of cancellation. You will be advised at the time of booking if this is the case for your tour.- Prior to 42 days retention of deposit- 29-42 days 50% of holiday cost- 15-28 days 60% of holiday cost- 07-14 days 90% of holiday cost- 0-06 days Total Cost
  4. Event, Attraction, Theatre, Show or Coupon Ticket.
  5. Travel package, holiday or tour commencing during a special event period. This includes, but is not limited to, Trade Fairs, Public or National Holidays, School Holidays, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Ramadan.
  6. Travel Services that Istoria Travel LTD. has created in accordance with your specifications;
  7. Travel Services that are clearly of a personal nature;
  8. In the event that the Travel Agreement is entered into within 8 weeks prior to departure;
  9. In the case of “package” “tour” or “cruise travel”.


Refund Procedure
Customers requesting a refund are required to mail their formal letters with a detail explanation or to call to:

Tel. 00 31 6 57 90 24 89;

E-Mail: info@istoriatravel.com

Your refund request will be answered and processed promptly. If you do not receive the reply within one business day, please call the office immediately. We will not be responsible if email, or letter fail to reach us.

  1. This agreement is governed by Dutch Law.
  2. Insofar as not dictated otherwise by mandatory law, any disputes ensuing from the Agreement will be submitted to the competent Dutch court in the district where Istoria Travel LTD. has its registered office.
  3. If any provision set out in these General Terms and Conditions should prove to be void, this will not affect the validity of the General Terms and Conditions as a whole. In that case, the Parties will lay down one or more new provisions in replacement which will reflect the original provision as much as is possible under the law.
  4. The term ‘written’ in these General Terms and Conditions also refers to communication by email, provided that the sender’s identity and the integrity of the email message have been sufficiently established.


Contact details

Should you have any questions, complaints or comments after reading these General Terms and Conditions, please contact the Istoria Travel LTD. by email or letter.

Address: Tweede Hervendreef 62. 5232 JD, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Tel. 00 31 6 57 90 24 89

E: info@istoriatravel.com

Chamber of Commerce registration 66581508, VAT number NL856618123B01

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