Agios Ioannis Beach

The wondrous beach

The perfect location, it was gorgeous, beach crystal clear and so blue... You could sit for hours on the sand, lying under the sun and hearing the waves and the children playing. Have nice impressions from the beach, bars and restaurants, have fun and dance all day and night. See magical sights and by far the most daring, out of body, amazing experience of your life taking part in the various activities.

Agios Ioannis, in the eastern part of the mountain of the Centaurs, is an extremely beautiful long clean sandy beach with small white pebbles The beach in the village is shallow and is suitable for families with small children. It is awarded the blue flag because it is clean and safe to swim.


There is as an abundance of tourist facilities for those who choose it for their holidays. It has beach bars, beach umbrellas and chaise lounges. There is a lifeguard station and personnel that take care for the safety of the bathers.

You will also find taverns and restaurants in the wider area, where you can complete your visit at the beach in the most tasty way. You can browse through the souvenir shops and there is a wide choice of accommodations, taverns, and mini markets.

Agios Ioannis beach is a large organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and you can rent canoes, a boat of a paddle boat.


In the immediate vicinity of Agios Ioannis you can find several other beautiful beaches, of which sandy Papa Nero beach is the best known.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover the mythical mountain of the Centaurs with its wild natural beauty, old-world villages and  the stone architecture that are still standing – witnesses of tradition and history of one of the most beautiful mountains of Greece. Walk the paths from Agios Ioannis and the nearby beach of Papa Nero, and pass through dense vegetation, small rivers with clear waters give you a unique experience and bring you closer to the natural environment of the mountain.

Experience closely the changing landscape of Thessaly, and discover the long history of the area and let yourself go back in time by visiting:

Special Experience

Trees and fabulous waters combining together are forming a landscape of dreams, giving to the place a magical tone. Because of its unique beauty and an international publicity, this beach attracts every summer thousands of visitors inundating it and the many hotels on the seashore.

Experience the abundance of various water sports and other outdoor activities. Thera really many, to enjoy wind-surfing, sea kayak, a trip with a boat or paddle boat. Try walking, cycling, fishing, scuba diving, sailing, canyoning and plenty other outdoor activities.


Beginning your journey from Volos, the capital of Magnesia in Thessaly, the traveller can follow 2 different routes to reach us in Agios Ioannis in Pelion.

  1. When you travel on the date of your arrival prefer the 1st route Volos – Chania- Kissos – Agios Ioannis. (Shortest route).
  2. When you travel on the date of your departure prefer the 2nd route: Agios Ioannis – Tsagarada – Milies- Volos, so as to see the other route as well. (Longest route).

The 1st route of total length 42 km. (1 hour and 15 minutes) reveals the wild beauty of the mountain, the dense green forest & the endless springs of crystal-clear water of Mount Pelion. The traveller drives through the village of Portaria & the snow center of Chania village – Agriolefkes, where the highest tops of the mountain Pelion are. (Pliasidi – 1.548 m. & Poyrianos Stavros-1.610 m.)

The 2nd route consists of a combination of a seaside road with part of the road thought the forests of mount Pelion. With a total length of 60 km. (1 hour 41 minutes) this journey reveals the beauty of the inner part of Pagasetic Gulf and the mountain through beautiful and traditional villages such as Milies and Tsagkarada as well as houses built with exceptional local architecture of Pelion. (To get directions of the second route please drag the blue line on the map through Tsagarada village).

Any route that you decide to follow are mostly enjoyable! The 2 routes meet together in the village of Agios Dimitrios and in about 3.5 km you arrive in Agios Ioannis Pelion Greece.

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