Papa Nero

A Green Fresh cavern

Papa Nero is a beautiful sandy beach at a five minutes’ walk from Agios Ioanis where he green of the mountains blends perfectly with the deep blue of the sea.
Along the beach you will find picturesque small fish taverns, where you can enjoy your tsipouro with fish titbits.

  • The best in Accessibility, Beauty and Calmness, Peace and Beauty.
  • Picturesque small fish taverns, where you can enjoy your tsipouro with fish titbits.
  • An organized Camping nearby, close to the beach.
  • “Orea Amoudia”, which offers you tradiitional meals andstunning views of the Aegean Sea.
  • Boutique accommodations with beautiful courtyards and rooms and apartments with private balconies overlooking the sea.
  • Golfen, zwembad en wellness by Agapitos Villas & Guesthouses
  • Next to Agios Ioannis, the most popular beach resort of eastern Pelion.

Next to the coastal villageof Agios Ioanis, the famous beach of Papa Nero.

Beach type

Where the greenery and mountains stretch down to the sea an become one. Papa Nero is a very peaceful and enjoyable beach and the images that the visitor meets are wonderful.

It is situated right next to the village of Agios Ioannis, like a continuation, the endless pure sandy beach of Papa Nero. Enormous, well-organized friendly beach with with fine white sand, small pebbles and turquoises waters, Papa Nero is a pure marvel and a pole of attraction for thousands of families and couples.


Over the beach of Papa Nero, there is a big pedestrian walkway with plenty of remarkable choices of accommodation and catering.

Exceptional hotel, optimum price-quality balance. Studios of high taste, light coloured modern cottage styled and clean as you rarely can get in a hotel. The houses are located in a beautiful property overlooking the Aegean sea.

There are beach chairs and umbrellas, coffee bars and taverns with traditional food, so that you can enjoy your drink or meal while gazing at the Aegean blue.


For nightlife you can go to the neighbouring village of Agios Ioannis. During the summer season, this area is extremely busy and bustling with tourists and visitors, who can have a great time in the bars and restaurants that are around the village.

Special Experience

The effect of the environment, the scenery, casual family atmosphere, participation in snorkelling, boating, sailing, windsurfing, surf, water skiing or sea kayak makes it a great bonding experience; everyone is less tempted to bury their attention in electronic games, computers, cell phones, etc. You have the opportunity to appreciate each other and share experiences “in the moment.” These special experiences will remind parents and grandparents of memorable moments shared with family in the past, which they pass on to their own family and grandchildren  in a multi-generational vacation tradition.


The access is very easy from the Agios Ioannis village. Apart from the road, they are connected with a pedestrian bridge. There is also a road that leads to the neighboring village of Damouchari.

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