• Filmed in Greece in Skopelos Island
  • Filmed in Greece in Skiathos island.
  • Filmed in Greece in Damouchari Pelion Peninsula
  • Filming place Skopelos: Agios Ioannis in Castri
  • Filming place Skopelos: Kastani beach
  • Filming place Skopelos: beach Glisteri
  • Filming place Skiathos: the old harbour
  • Filming place Skiathos: the church of St. Nicholas

Mamma Mia movie and the places where was filmed

Greece, Thessaly, Magnesia, Pelion Peninsula, Mama Mia Film“Mamma Mia the Movie” may be the best movie to inspire Greek travel since “Summer Lovers”, way back in the early 1980s. The movie built around ABBA songs about a daughter’s quest to figure out who her father is. The film hadn’t even come out yet when questions about just where Mamma Mia was shot in Greece were pouring in based on the trailer. If you want to visit the places where Mamma Mia was filmed so you can plan your own trip to Greece, here’s help. “Mamma Mia” was filmed in Magnesia (Skopelos and Damouchari on Pelion).

It is the place where Donna (Meryl Streep) visits her daughter arriving at the port with a wooden boat in search of her real father. The place were Meryl Strip greets the arrival of Rosie (Julie Walters) and Tanya (Christine Baranski) on the pier at Damouhari, which is not on Skopelos, but in the Mouresi area on the eastern Pelion coast of mainland Greece (scroll down to read about this part of mainland Greece), about 25 miles northwest of the Sporades. The same spot is used for the climax of Dancing Queen.

The main setting of the “Dancing Queen” song’ s choreography.

Greece, Thessaly, Magnesia, Pelion Peninsula, Mama Mia Film

The shooting in Damouhari lasted three days. All shootings took place in the harbour (where they built a kind of wooden jetty) and around the big abandoned building that is there. In the meanwhile, the guesthouse, Ghermaniko Traditional Hotel, was in the center of the whole story, serving as the Mamma Mia production base.

Meryl Streep was absolutely great! She was very very fit; working long hours; jumping and dancing like a teenager. She was friendly, nice, warm, modest and kind to all of the residents. She wanted to speak to the locals and was interested to know the history of Damouhari, that really touched her. She never denied a photo, sitting on the same table with everybody and participating fully in the partys that were taking place every night in a local tavern. She seemed to have a great time and be excited and impressed with Damouchari.

All Mamma Mia crew respected our village and local community, and left us with many beautiful memories. They deserve maximum respect from our side.



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