In the caves of Poseidon ...

One of the most magical secluded pristine beaches in the most beautiful Sea around the world where time ceases to exist. Tranquillity, ancestral history and natural beauty, makes you escape from reality and lose yourself in nature’s perfect creations and hear the sounds of the Revolutionaries and rebels of all kinds who used it as their hideout.

  • The caves of Poseidon
  • The abandoned village Old (Palia) Mitzela
  • The Pirgakia stone bridge
  • The Kserorema spring
  • The old bridge Xourichti - Tsagarada
  • The church of “Virgin Mary Dormission”

Limnionas is a secluded beach with crystal clear waters, golden sand and small pebbles. This small bay is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy swimming in an environment of unique natural beauty and have a pure nature experience. Relax in the beautiful quietness of the bay of this unique nature reserve for the Monachus-Monachus (monk) seal and the dolphins of the area.

Although a sandy beach, it is characterized by the big rocks coming into sight in various places on the coast. The big rocks make it stand out.


Take everything you might need with you as there are no beach umbrellas, chaise lounges etc. During the Summer months there is open a restaurant in the beach. Free camping is forbidden.


In Limnionas beach are some ruins and an old well, as the beach in the past was used for transporting wood and other goods by boats. Revolutionaries and rebels of all kinds and the legendary Alfons used it as their hideout (read the book by Werner Helwig ” In the woods of Pelion ”).

Here, in the region of Spilies (Caves), known also as the Poseidon Caves, is where, according to tradition, the fleet of Xerxes was destroyed in 480 B.C.

The abandoned village Old (Palia)  Mitzela located in the forest above the beach. This ghost village is hidden among thick forests of northern Pelion. The ruins today are covered by wild vegetation but it was once a beautiful and active community of 800 people with 19 churches! Many myths and legends exist about the village and its residents, but no information has been confirmed so the atmosphere becomes even more mysterious. What is not disputed by anyone is that the inhabitants of Mitzela were rebellious people, which led the village to complete destruction.

It is worth crossing the old bridge that connects Xourichti with Tsagarada and visiting the church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary (“Koimiseos Theotokou”), which is dated back to 17th. century and is famous for its post-byzantine icons and its carved in wood iconostasis.

Special Experience

The hiking route Veneto-Pouri (Route O2)

A magnificent crossing in one of the last unspoilt areas in North Eastern Pelion. Walking time 6.45, a total of 8-9 hours if you follow the whole route.

Beginning and ending at the parking of Veneto and Pouri next to the squares of the two villages.

In our way, we pass by the beach of Limnionas, two old stone bridges and by the ruins of the deserted village of Old (Palia) Mitzela. We will find drinking water near Pirgakia stone bridge (5,5 hours from Veneto, dry in summer) and at the spring in Kserorema stream near Pouri.

In short, it is a path that encapsulates all the wild beauty of the area and whoever is lucky enough to make it, surely will be unforgettable.

There is not Public transport and practically the only way to go and come back is with a tour bus or taxi.


The beach of Limnionas is located between the beaches Milopotamos and Lampinou. Limnionas is the beach of Xourichti (Xorichti). From Xourichti you drive 6 km and you stop right above the beach. Then you are following a route of earthen road circa 50 meters down and while you walk  enjoy the emerald magic of the Aegean Sea combined with the green-clad landscape of the mountain, relaxing away from everything

From Xouricti, Veneto or Pouri start also paths, ideal for hiking, which lead to the above-mentioned two beaches.

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