A hidden paradise

The pure sandy beach of Fakistra is a fabulous place, isolated by two rocky capes, forming a lovely turquoise bay. On this real paradisiacal place are the remains of the underground school of Tsagarada and an impressive sea with admirable stalactite decoration.

Fakistra beach is a hidden paradise in the eastern part of the Pelion Peninsula, is located a 10-minute drive from Tsagarada and  it stands out for its wild landscape of extraordinary beauty, which has not been spoiled yet by mass tourism. The seawater rises rapidly on this beach and the bottom is covered with pebbles and rocks. The sea is certainly in May and early June still cool.


Fakistra beach is not a Blue Flag Beach. This is mainly because the beach is not organised. Especially in the low season, it is really quiet here. In the summer months Fakistra can be a lot busier with mainly Greeks.


The northern side of Fakistra contains two hidden caves. A tip to go and see if you’re on the beach.

One of them, called Virgin Mary Megalomata, is an impressive sea cave where you can admire the stalactite decoration. In the mid-17th century the cave has been inhabited by a monk whose only company was the icon of Virgin Mary Megalomata.

A few meters above, lies a cave where the underground school of Tsagarada was located during the Turkish occupation. The children of the time would use a plank in order to enter the cave and the monk would teach them. Inside the cave there are the stone remains of the secret school and in the nearby cave, you can find the small church of Virgin Mary Megalomata.

Remember if you are traveling to Pelion in May or June to go to the small waterfall behind the beach.

Special Experience

The first glance from the high cliffs is breath-taking with the white sand, the beautiful rocks and the emerald sea. Down you’ll discover the beach behind waterfalls and a small stream flowing between the rocks to the sea. Fakistra is not the largest and widest beach of Pelion, but certainly one of the nicest.

Choosing to walk or hike to and from Fakistra is also possible. There two routes one Tsagarada-Fakistra and the other Fakistra-Damouchari. If you follow the stone path (kalderimi) to Damouchari and after some zig-zags the kalderimi brings us to a wooden bridge across the Chalorema. Justifying of its name (Chalorema=destroying stream), the stream has partially destroyed the cement path which we walk across to its other bank.

From Damouchari you can follow the path which within half an hour leads to the beach of Papa Nero next to Agios Ioannis.


Fakistra is the second beach of Tsagarada. The road passes through the district Agia Kyriaki. You can park at the road plateau and continue on the footpath (stone build, in Greek “Kalderimi) of 200m for about 10 minutes.

The view is unique as you walk down. Here are not bars or umbrella’s or sunbeds. Just small pebbles and crystal clear waters. The beach is covered with pebbles, has crystal clear turquoise waters and is surrounded by steep and high cliffs, which add grandeur to the whole scenery. Despite the sea floor ends rapidly, the beach is suitable for children. The sea is calm and the sea water crystal clear.

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