Mount Pelion. Feel the extraordinary variety of its scenery.The third largest and most attractive cities in the center of Greece with a mythical background.

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The region of Magnesia (scroll down for information about Magnesia) offers fantastic romantic holiday for couples and families. Combining mythology with history, cultural tradition and pure nature. The unique beauty of the region comes from the bright sun, the friendly family beaches, the Pagasitic Gulf, the rugged impeccable Aegean Coast, friendly authentic villages, the Sporades island cluster of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos, impressive fertile mountain of Pelion (scroll down for information about Magnesia – Pelion) with picturesque ancient villages and Volos the capital.

Greece, Magnesia, Volos City, Pelion
Volos view from Mount Pelion

Volos is the capital of Magnesia prefecture (scroll down for information about Magnesia), one of the largest, most attractive cities in Greece and a major ports of the country. The modern city, built close to the old Iolkos, in the Magnesia region (scroll down for information about Magnesia)  dominates from its position at the foot of Mount Pelion (scroll down for information about Magnesia – Pilion) with view over the Pagasetic Gulf.

The paradise of the Pelion peninsula (scroll down for information about Pelion) is located above the city of Volos and extends to the southeast. The area is mountainous, wherever you look is green

The Pelion Peninsula.

with sparkling water everywhere, and it is obvious that it has a rich past. Pelion (scroll down for information about Pilion) is 15 km wide and 50 km long in a straight line. All the places you want to visit are relatively close, but do not forget that because of the mountains one needs more time to cross a certain distance. On your way though you have the most wonderful views, ancient villages, wonderful authentic mansions on mountainsides, crystal blue bays and one can identify even the Holy Mountain in distance, when the weather is fairly transparent.

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Pelion Paradise, summer residence of the Olympian Gods

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