Charming villages and beautiful beaches

Explore some of the most charming villages and beautiful beaches such as Agios Ioannis and Agios Dimitrios, Anilio and Makrirrachi, Tsagarada, Zagora and Damouchari. Feel the aura that accompanies this mountain, sense the natural beauty, meet with the local people, feel the fresh air, smell the scents of freshly baked chestnuts and juicy apples. Pelion welcomes you!

To plan your perfect holiday in Pelion Paradise we have selected a number of activities just for you! Through our contacts in Greece we can offer you the most authentic experience. Below the best suggestion for you with which you can book directly with us.

  • Fisherman's villages and mountain villages
  • Cobbled streets and squares with fountains
  • A majestic 1000-year-old plane tree
  • Old churches and monasteries
  • The beauty of the deep blue waters
  • Clean and sandy beaches sometimes surrounded by high cliffs
  • Agapitos Villas, Guesthouses

€ 827,50 (per person, mid-season, excluding flight)

Prices can vary depending on the time of year of your booking.
Car rental based on Peugeot 208 diesel from Avis.
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  • Women’s Agritourism Cooperative

8 days to explore some of the most Charming Villages and Beautiful Beaches of Pelion

Just get an impression of the fisherman’s villages and picturesque mountain villages, cobbled streets, squares with fountains, the majestic 1000-year-old plane tree, old churches and monasteries, floral courtyards with the aroma of flowers such as Gardenias and Camellias, a beautiful waterfall, the beauty of the deep blue waters and the clean and sandy beaches sometimes surrounded by high cliffs.

Wonderful to walk around, with plenty of time to relax, sit down for coffee or lunch, have a swim, purchase beautiful flowers and other local products as honey, traditional sweets and other natural products. Taste some bread from the traditional bakery.

Feel the aura that accompanies this mountain, sense the natural beauty, meet with the local people, feel the fresh air, smell the scents of freshly baked chestnuts and juicy apples. Pelion Paradise welcomes you!

Includes: Accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner and car rental

Seasons: all year round



Day1. Arrival and settling in hotel

Day2. Village Agios Ioannis and Agios Dimitrios

Day3. Walk around Anilio and Makrirrachi and their beaches

Day4. Visit Tsagarada Village

Day5. Day of choice

Day6. Visit Zagora Village

Day7. Walk to Damouchari Village and Beaches

Day8. Return to the airport


Extensive description

Day 1 | You arrive at the airport where you can pick-up your rental car to go to Pelion. On your route to Pelion you can already start to experience the beauty of mainland Greece.

In Pelion you will receive a warm welcome on arrival at one of the selected hotels in or around Agios Ioannis village. This hotel will be the basis from where you will enjoy the amazing Pelion Peninsula. After you are refreshed join your local host over a welcome buffet of seasonal fruits & drinks for a brief orientation of the area, local customs, your activity schedule & all small details required. Later you can enjoy your day as you please. Your dinner is included at the hotel.

Day 2 | Today you can visit two villages close to the hotel, Agios Ioannis and Agios Dimitrios.

Agios Ioannis is a fisherman’s village with a small port used by fishing boats and yachts. It is a charming little town where you will find super markets, bakeries, pastry shops, kiosks, grocery stores, cafeterias, fish specialties in ouzeri and bars. It also has quite a few restaurants, where you can enjoy fresh fish and try the specialties and traditional cooking of Pelion. Agios Ioannis has a beautiful, clean and sandy beach with very small pebbles, suitable for families with small children. Very close there are two more sandy beaches (Plaka beach and Papa Nero beach) to enjoy. All three are awarded the blue flag. The village of Agios Ioannis took its name from a very old church at the end of the village.

At a very short distance of Agios Ioannis we find Agios Dimitrios, located at a lush green slope of the mountain at an altitude of 300m. Again a beautiful, picturesque village with a view of the Aegean Sea. The village got its name from an old monastery at the site of which now stands the majestic church of Agios Dimitrios. The cobbled streets, floral courtyards, squares with fountains and traditional characteristic small churches you will always remember. You can enjoy your lunch here.

After lunch you can go back to Agios Ioannis and if you want walk the short distance to the Papa Nero beach to have a nice swim. Later you can have dinner at restaurant “Orea Ammoudia” just opposite the Papa Nero Beach.

Day 3 | Today we will have an interesting walk a bit further north from Agios Ioannis. We will visit the places Anilio and Makrirrachi.

Between the mountain tops lies little Anilio, a village which is most of the year in the shadow. The aroma of flowers such as Gardenias, Camellias and Hortensia’s, the beautiful waterfall at the entrance, the wonderful view of the neighbouring Makrirrachi and the beauty of the deep blue waters of the beaches in the distance make you experience the natural beauty and magic that can be found here.

At the small and picturesque square of Anilio you will find the church of Agios Athanasios, a very significant religious monument. It is a 18th century basilica with a remarkable wooden, baroque type iconostasis and an impressive despotic throne.

A deep ravine called “Mega Rema” separates Anilio from Makrirrachi. The name of the village Makrirrachi is a combination of the Greek words Makri (long) and Rahi (spine). It was named that way because it lies on a long mountain spine that reaches the sea. If you like to walk you can also visit the Virgin Mary Manifested chapel wonderfully build in the rock.

The seaport of Makrirrachi is Agioi Saranta beach, its name derived from the name of a small church, Agioi Saranta situated here. This is a mystic place! The sand is soft, the sea is amazingly blue and clean and the surrounding high cliffs standing behind the beach, with the characteristic one being the “monk” (If you look closely you will be able to picture the shape of a monk who is bending), create a unique breath-taking scenery.

Beside Agioi Saranta Beach is the historical beach Banikas. Banikas beach and the Agia Saranda beach are separated by a small rocky area. Unlike Agia Saranda, the absence of tourist facilities at Banikas beach makes this pebbled beach the ideal place for isolating. Banikas beach, is known for the lush surroundings and crystal clear waters. Near Banikas Beach there is a large cave into which, according to the local myths, Chiron the Centaur, the legendary teacher of Hercules, Achilles, Jason and all the great heroes of the Greek mythology used to rest.

Day 4 | Today you will visit Tsagarada, a village which has panoramic views over the Aegean Sea and surrounding landscapes of unexampled natural beauty. There are two beaches of unparalleled charm nearby, a maze of cobbled alleys and mule-tracks waiting to be discovered and explored. The many traditional stone houses and old mansions illustrate its long history and tradition.

It is worthwhile to visit the four community squares in Tsagarada that take their names from the church found at the main square of each community: Agia Taxiarxes [The Great Archangels], Agia Paraskevi [Saint Friday’s], Agios Stefanos [Saint Stephen’s], which are situated along the asphalted main road, and Agia Kiryaki [Saint Sunday’s], which is located down the slope toward Damouhari. You can do it by car but also walk through the cobble-stoned paths “kalnterimi”.

The paths or roads down the slopes will eventually lead you to the lovely and completely unspoilt shingly beach of Fakistra, known for its turquoise waters, or to Milopotamos Beach, Pelion’s most photographed and most frequented beach, a sand-and-pebble beach hewn in the rock. A visit there is a must, as it will be an opportunity for refreshment in the clean waters of the sea and relaxation in stunning natural surroundings, indeed an unforgettable experience that can be enhanced by feasting on seafood and other local delicacies served in the nearby taverns.

Day 5 | Day of choice. Please feel free to fill in this day yourself. Our website is full of activities you may like to do. Walking, hiking, swimming, boat trips, or to the bigger town of Volos. You may want to spend a day on the beach. You can also ask your host for suggestions.

Day 6 | Today you will visit Zagora village. Walking through the village you get captivated by the traditional architecture and the old cobbled paths and old mansions. At the square the old mansion Drakopoulos is extraordinary, operated under the responsibility of the Women Agro tourist Association of Zagora.

Get a new viewpoint on the old world with a visit to the school called the “The “Greek museum” (School of Rigas Feraios, 1777 AD), the beautiful churches of Agia Paraskevi (1803 AD), Agios Georgios (St.George) (1765 AD), Agia Kyriaki (1740 AD) and Agios Nikolaos. All of them are decorated with huge icons and have very striking golden sculptured icons. In the historical Library of Zagora, founded in 1762 AD, are kept thousands of rare books, manuscripts, Byzantine texts and 150 handwritten codes.

The port of Zagora is Chorefto, once a well-known local naval and commercial centre that comprises many tourists during the summer months nowadays. You may like to go swimming at Chorefto Beach.

Day 7 | After breakfast you can walk to Damouchari and have a small tour in the village. Damouchari is extremely beautiful and particularly peaceful, and has the advantage of not yet being invaded by tourists. There, one can enjoy a calm and dreamy stay at one of the two pebbled little beaches. The beach is also ideal for snorkelling.

The north gulf is a small natural port with taverns and houses. The south one has a beautiful beach covered with white pebbles and with crystal clear waters, which along with the adjacent gorge, offer to Damouchari a wild beauty.

On a split between the beach and the harbour are the ruins of a Venetian castle. Venetian sailors and villagers used the castle as protection against pirate attacks, but little is known about the history of the castle. According to a Venetian legend the name Damouhari derives from the Greek expression dos mou han (give me grace) which was a prayer of the seamen when in danger in the area.

Near the castle are the remains of the ramshackle stone building of the Turkish customs and some old warehouses. In the little church Agios Nikolaos the wonderful sacred wall paintings by Pagonis, from around 1800 AD, can be admired.

After return to the hotel and in evening dinner at restaurant “Orea Ammoudia” on the Papa Nero Beach.

Day 8 | Return to the airport

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