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Shuttle transportation is not available from Athens International Airport and Thessaloniki International Airport. Read more?

Volos lies in the Greek prefecture of Magnesia in the periphery Thessaly of central Greece.

Distance from Thessaloniki, Makedonia (SKG) Airport

Airport Thessaloniki, Thermi 570 01, Greece to Volos Pelion:

224.6 km. Approximately 2 hours 33 min.

Start at the A / D Thessalonikis Neon Moudanion / A25 on the EO (EO: Provincial Road) from Thessaloniki Airport; 6 min. (4,5 km)

Via the ring road Thessaloniki to A1 en after E75.

Take the E75 to the EO Volou Larisas / A12 / EO6 in Feres.  Continue on the E06.

Exit EO6 from the E75; 2 u. 10 min. (218 km)

Follow EO6 to Grigoriou Lampraki Volos; 17 min. (16.1 km)

Arrive at Volos, Greece


Distance from Skiathos (JSI) 

Only possible by Ferry

79,7 km. 2 u. 40 min.

Arrive at Volos, Greece


Distance from Volos, Almyros (VOL) Airport

Volos Airport (VOL), Almirída (Almyros), Greece  371 00, Griekenland

Take the EO30 (EO: Provincial Road) Volou 36 min. (30,0 km)

Arrive at Volos, Griekenland


Distance from Athens, Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH) Airport

ATH – Athens Int’l Airport, Athens Attiki Odos, Spata Artemida 190 19, Griekenland.

347 km. Ongeveer 3 uur 18 min.

Take the E75 and A / D Pathe to the Eparchiaki Odos (EO: Provincial Road) Volou Larisas / A12 / E92 / EO6 in Feres. Exit EO6 from the A / D Pathe / A1; 3 h. (331 km)

Follow EO6 to Grigoriou Lampraki Volos

16 min. (15,7 km)

Arrive at Volos, Griekenland


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