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Cooking is more than eating. It is poetry, entertaining together.

Have you ever dreamed of authentic, passionate Greek cooking and dining? Well, it's time to make your dreams come true in a culinary journey into an undiscovered region where mountain and sea blend harmoniously. Sense the perfect contamination of flavours, creativity, local aromas, culture and ....strong emotions!

  • Herbs from Pelion, their cooking and medicinal use
  • Local organic Wine. What is it, how it is made?
  • Culture and natural landscape of Pelion
  • Delicious offers from Kritsa's Store

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€ 350 per person.

Duration: All day
Group or individual: Both
Outdoor or indoor: Special
Guide: N/A
Difference in altitude: 600m
Startpoint: Portaria, Magnisia, Griekenland
Endpoint: Portaria, Magnisia, Griekenland

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Gourmet, Greek Kitchen


Based on a minimum of 2 persons.
Maximum number of persons is 8.
If more than two persons participate wil be a decrease in the price.

Greek culinary culture

Trip summary

On the large shady main square of Portaria, with its ancient plane trees and bubbling spring water, we organize for you a three day gastronomy feast combined with cycling around the area and its most famous places. Our  love of the outdoors and an intimate knowledge of the area, and our primary objective is to enable like-minded visitors to explore the delights of this wonderful part of Greece.


Arrival day: Welcome to the accommodation (resents the place and reception drink. Facilities. (local gifts and welcome drink).

17:00pm. Tour of Portaria village through the famous cobbled streets, mansions and churhes, return to the hotel.

Day 1: Greek traditional breakfast!

10:30 Visit the vegitable garden at Karaiskos Farm to learn about the cynical organicproduce and herbs locally grown in Pelion.

11:30 Cooking lessons and later at the table we will set for the mill. Wine is served free of charge.

17:00 Walking to Makrinitsa and stop at Aerico café for drinks and snacks.

Day 2: Greek traditional breakfast and departure from the hotel.

10:45 Cooking lessons at Karaiskos farm. Lear how to make Pelion Pie with handmade fyllo.

When you leave Portaria will take with you a small food pack with pie cooked by you to enjoy it “on the road”.


Accommodation: We have selected  A unique gastronomy traditional place in the middle of Portaria, between hundreds of years plane trees omost.  A Pelion and authentic greek traditions, where the myth becomes true. Discover the local essence.


Trip description.

Arrival Day | Welcome to the accommodation of the most famous gastronomy hotel in Pelion. (local gifts and welcome drink).

17:00. Tour of Portaria village through the famous cobbled streets, old mansions, splendid guesthouses, springs with crystal waters, the Byzantine chapel of “Panagia Portarea” (11th century), and many more. After visiting all these places, you will enjoy a coffee in central square Melina Mercouri, and then  return for dinner and overnight.

Day 1 | 10:30. You will make your way to The Farm Karaiskos where you will meet up with our resident chef who will talk you through the basics of Pelian gastronomy while you make a tour of the garden and the farm. Receive an introduction on the culinary culture of Greece and Pelion,  discover about the herbs native to Pelion, olive oil and other ingredients.

11:30. Participate in a cooking workshop preparing traditional dishes all in one go! A hands on informative cooking experience. You will prepare traditional dishes using only local and seasonal ingredients and enjoy a full meal under the trees with some of Greece’s best wines from the wine menu. By the end of it you will have grasped the basics of the local gastronomy!

17:00. Walk to the picturesque mountain village of Makrinitsa (or Makrynitsa). Enjoy the lively, peaceful spirit of this historic center, full of fountains, well-preserved homes, frescoes and other artwork. On our way relax  at the  Adamenas fountain. The unique water is from its own spring. Climbing higher up the slopes to admire Pagasitikos we will take a sit at the Aeriko café to maybe eat a tasty (and two I may tell you!) walnut pie. From Aeriko, you will admire the view.

Day 2 | After a real traditional breakfast for which you may well spend more than an  hour, we make our way again to The Karaiskos Farm to cook, taste and enjoy the traditional Pelion pies and learn about its recipes, with guidance of experienced chefs. Pelion’s best traditional recipes are the delicious savoury pies.Do’nt forget to talke one before you leave.

The gastronomy, culture and natural landscape of Pelion will follow you back home through the traditional aromas and flavours of this region of Greece.

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