Volos city cultural tour

Cycling Volos, the sights and attractions of city’s coast

The sights in Volos are numerous providing a great experience. A 10 km wide network of cycle lanes and thousands of bicycles offer an unforgettable experience to the cyclist along the oldest district of the city of Volos, archaeological findings, museums, restaurants, ouzo bars, cafes, shops scenic walkways, and many remarkable buildings. Volos lies the foot of Mount Pelion and is only 45 minutes away from the Sporades islands cluster so, can combine a holiday to Volos with city, mountain and island.

  • The old district Palia
  • The Argonaut ship
  • The old tabaco warehouses of Papastratou (1926, 1935)
  • The Saint Constantine park
  • The church of St. Constantine
  • The Anavros park, the city’s hideaway
  • The Athanasakio Archaeological Museum
  • Exhibition and the representation of a Neolithic settlement of Sesklo and Dimini
  • Anavros beach

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Difference in altitude: 0-1 meters
Startpoint: Tsalapatas Museum, Votsi, Volos, 383 34, Griekenland
Endpoint: Plastira 31, Volos, Griekenland

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The starting point of our cycling trip is the Tsalapatas Museum. Then we cycle through the oldest district Palia, authentic courtyards, scenic walkways, and the old fishing village passing the Town Hall at the main seafront.

Below the main seafront of the city leads to a small park at the output just the Central Port Authority and ahead of the neoclassical building of Aigli hotel.

Then we reach the western part of the coast occupied by the facilities of the commercial harbour and then the section of the port into the city serving passenger ships, yachts and ferries and hydrofoils connecting Volos with the Sporades.

Moving east, cycle through the Argonauts Boulevard with umbrellas and tables and chairs of cafe, the Tsipouradiko and other stores to stop by an exact replica of the Argonaut ship. The name of this boulevard is linked to this legendary ship and its myth of the area’s civilisation. The Argonauts were a band of heroes in Greek mythology, who in the years before the Trojan War, around 1300 BC, accompanied Jason to Colchis in his quest to find the Golden Fleece.

Keep going pas the building of the Bank of Greece, the cinema Achilles, the old Tabaco warehouses of Papastratou (1926, 1935), with their typical domes. The renovated premises house now the University of Thessaly.

The University of Thessaly was founded in 1984, and in 1989 received its first students. Already one of the most important higher education institutions in the country, continuing the strong presence of Volos in the educational and pedagogical history of the country.

In front of the University and next to the monument of National Resistance, a small bridge connects the waterfront with a breakwater. Going up on the bridge and walk along the breakwater, facing another view of the beach, which resembles a view from boat.

Then the route crosses the Saint Constantine Park where several cultural events take place. In the northern part at the beginning of the park there are still some architectural buildings the stamped image of Volos before the earthquake of 1955, as Exoraistiki Club (old Sarafopoulos palace), the house Tsalapatas and Kutchins house.

At the end of the boulevard is the church of St. Constantine (1935). The church dominates the waterfront and is a symbol of the new city of Volos lying next.t to the end the namesake park.

The road behind the church passes through the “shack” of Radio Station of Volos and the marina of fishing vessels. Right at extremely advantageous position rises the building of Xenia Volos. The construction of the building was completed in 1965. After Xenia we cycle along the Anavros Park, the city’s hideaway.

After a few meters, in front of different catering and entertainment outlets, off the road we cycle to the church of Holly Trinity with its unique fresco’s, and immediately after pass the Hospital and Athanasakio Archaeological Museum, hosting rich finds from the archaeological excavations in the area.

A few blocks north of the Archaeological Museum, next to Anavros, is the house of Kitsos Makris, which has been converted into a folklore museum exhibiting works of Theophilus and Christopoulos, byzantine icons, wood carvings, ceramics etc. The library of the house has become an annex of the University of Thessaly Library.

But the cycle trip at the city’s seafront does not end here. Back to Anavros Park to the side of the sea we stop by a beautiful area for walks and romance among elaborate permanent sculpture exhibition and the representation of a Neolithic settlement of Sesklo and Dimini (archaeological sites close to Volos you may like to visit).

At the end of the route lies the sandy beach of Anavros, Blue Flag, a breath of freshness offered nearby for swimming, sea kayaking wind surfing or relaxation under beach trees.

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