Company Mission

Istoria Travel B.V. serves as the single unifying voice for all of the Greek Thessaly Periphery administrative region destination marketing organizations, providing insight and direction as we enter a new millennium marked by an increasing competitive tourism marketplace. Founded in 2016, Istoria Travel B.V. strives to increase the overall effectiveness of Thessaly its Magnesia municipality/ Pelion undertaking destination marketing organization efforts. It’s stated mission is to provide co-operative action to enhance and encourage the growth Magnesia municipality/ Pelion travel service providers offering visitors a creating relevant authentic, differentiated and seamless customer experience.

Our goal is to be our guest bridge to the authentic Greece. Our Greek host is your daily link between the real Greeks and your desires. We aspire to promote tourism industry education, advise on issues that affect the region, enhancing professionalism, facilitating the supportive exchange of information between our travel service providers and you, our guests developing an awareness of what you look for and unifying the regions businesses.

Doing that we interact during your vacation and online, with an enormous number of special vacation lovers, experts, creatives and business partners. The way in which we deal with so much potential and responsibility is reflected in our company’s mission to ‘Enjoy a Special Life Experience’.

If we can inspire people to ‘Enjoy Life’ around the world, we can make a positive impact on human consciousness. And it happens to be our core business. How fortunate we are!


To us, ‘Enjoy a Special Life Experience’ is about embracing diversity. It’s about accepting different people and cultures as they are. It’s about experiencing the overwhelming feeling of being united, and realising how simple it is to spread that positive feeling to others. A smile, a touch or a helping hand is all it takes.


Caring for the environment makes perfect sense to us! Our best memories are of the moments when we viewed the shoreline of the Aegean Sea and captivated us looking at the waves collide and glisten with the sunlight making you feel on the edge of the world. Standing in the shadows of the sun, when the sunset was mind-blowing, when the woods gave that fairy tale feeling. Remember that euphoric night when Damouchari became a colour wonderland illuminated by the moon and the lights of the beach? Imagine wasting all those moments—or never experiencing them again! We don’t want to waste; we want to contribute.


So easy to enjoy yet so hard to leave!


Water is abundant in Pelion peninsula in The Greek municipality of  Magnesia. Instead of the stereotype Greek landscape of bare rock, parched earth and dusty villages, the area is green and lush, with fresh water gurgling from fountains and streams at every turn.

We believe that water belongs to everyone. 
It’s the source of life.
 Luckily we have wonderful water in Pelion. Not from the other end of the world,
 but straight from the source. Here and now, fresh and freely available for all. 
Naturally plain and simple.
 What’s good for the world,
is good for you.


The Pelion peninsula, according to Greek legend, was the site chosen by the gods for their revelries and holidays. Endorsements can’t get better than that, and for today’s Greeks the lush mountain scenery and clean beaches are still a popular destination. But, as yet, the area remains little known to travellers from outside Greece. They are missing out on a treat.

The people who settled there were prosecuted by the Ottomans and thus fled to this area so as not to be found. Indeed, this narrow peninsula is nothing like we are used in Greece and looks more like an Scandinavian landscape with ancient forests and tress of thousands of years old. But with mild Mediterranean climate.

A beautiful, mountainous peninsula with many secluded coves and beaches. Rich in contrasts with rugged eastern shores and quiet western beaches where children can play upon view of their parents and mirror blue seas. An idyllic temperature and climate, which adds to the delight of the rocky and soft sand beaches and calm seas. A mountain full of drama within which you just know the gods abide, feasting on the honey from the local hives with so much history.

But it is those contracting elements that may have once drawn the Greek gods from Mount Olympus – striking mountains capes, dense forests and beautiful beaches – which remain the main allure of Pelion today.

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On the website there are some suggestions for trips. In addition to this you may already have your own wishes and ideas, or perhaps not at all. With our local knowledge we may well optimize your ideas with you to create the trip of your dreams. Well thought-out itineraries, locations and then arranged everything to perfection. If you are traveling alone, as a couple, with a group or as a family, tell us your ideas and wishes, personally, via Skype or telephone, just when it suits you best.

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Pelion Paradise, summer residence of the Olympian Gods

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'Enjoy a Special Life Experience'

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