Pelion a secret fairylike attraction al seasons

Mount Pelion (Pilion) is a mountainous peninsula in Greece, Magnesia below which dozen little villages fan out, apparently unchanged for centuries. They are linked by cobbled paths paving the way through thick old forests, broad-leaved and permanent, mainly beech, oak, maple and chestnut trees and plane tree groves surrounding places with water. It transfers you hundreds of years back in time.

Pelion (Pilion) has a bit of everything and it will surprise many, even seasoned Greek travellers. It combines mythology with history, cultural tradition and pure nature well away from the hectic activity in todays’ life.

Some rate it as Greece’s most beautiful region and it certainly has some striking contrasts. A rugged spine swathed in olives and pines climbing towards a lofty mountain with some fantastic divergent beaches.

The largest close city is Volos, with a busy port and a small airport that receives only charter flights.

Take a flight to the nearest airport, Volos (VOL), Nea Anchialos, near the city of Volos, jump in a car and explore its riches.

Greece at its best all seasons.

The diverse landscape makes the Pelion peninsula a fantastic holiday destination for any season. Pelion is jungle-like and mountainous, with a beautiful coastline. Wonderful for touring around and exploring all year round. It is great in winter, when the mountain is covered in thick snow. In spring, when green is greener, the flowers are more fragrant and birds sing. In summer, when the mountain offers relief from the heat to those who don’t want to spend all their time on the many beautiful beaches. And in autumn, when the colours of the forested mountain slopes are most intense, while apple, walnut and chestnut trees shed their fruits. Read more?

Special Outdoor Activities

Pelion is a great spot to explore the natural life in Greece enjoying most mountain sports like canyoning, rafting, horse-riding and hiking. Trekking to the highest peak at 1610m. will leave you breathless while enjoying the great views of the Pgasitic Gulf. In the end you can go diving, in one of the beaches! Read more?

Special Indoor Activities

A place of learning and wonder, workshops (pops and ceramics), envisioned gardens, yoga and wellness are just a bit of the Pelion pie. Unique places where children and parents can enjoy relaxation and explore Greek history, mythology and heritage in stimulating and interactive context. Read more?


Wondering about Greek mythology and the first church to be established 30 years after Christ’s death? Do you want to see all these with your own eyes? There is an abundance of  interesting museums around the Pelion peninsula. These museums are well worth visiting, and are a great way to better understand the history, traditions and past of this majestic region of Central Greece. Read more?

Local Cuisine

Taste Greece, feel Greek in Pelion. Follow programs for learning traditional Pelion Gastronomy. Local products, local recipes, delicacies ready for your plate. Participate in cooking classes and learn how to prepare traditional Pelion dishes. Cook, taste, enjoy Greek recipes, with the guidance of experienced chefs. The gastronomy, culture and natural landscape of Pelion will follow you back home through the traditional aromas and flavours of this Greek region. Read more?


Country churches, old monasteries, transferring you centuries into the past. A time monastery life blossomed in Pelion. Pelion itself did not meet the Ottoman occupation, as most parts of Greece. Therefore, you can visit religious sights and monuments of centuries old. Many of these religious sights portray historical and cultural monuments, with old wooden temples, magnificent shrines, vaulted murals, religious paintings of folk artists and remarkable post-Byzantine engravings. Read more?


Pelion is a region that keeps intact its traditional costumes. These customs are frequently revived in the many festivals and celebrations around the year. Read more?

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Pelion Paradise, summer residence of the Olympian Gods

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